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Inspired by our Grandmother...


 With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our products and customer service.

Inspired by our late grandmother, "Suga", who baked all of the the family cakes, we aim to provide you with scratch-baked goods made with premium ingredients featuring that extra ingredient, love. 

• Started in 2014

Patricia is an Electrical and Computer Engineer turned Cake Artist at Suga's Cakery. She baked her first cake when she was just 9 years old and began baking more frequently after her paternal grandmother Josephine affectionately called "Suga" passed away. After baking for family and friends for several holidays, she wanted to ensure that her cakes looked as good as they tasted. During a random but serendipitous trip to a local craft store, she ended up enrolling and completing all the offered cake decorating classes. As she began to hone her skills through practice and the insistence of family and friends that her cakes were too tasty and pretty to just keep giving away, the business of Suga's Cakery, LLC began  October 17, 2014 as a Texas Cottage Law Home bakery.

Suga's Cakery expands in 2020

Suga's Cakery Dessert Trailer opened in December of 2020 at the Old Gin Pfood Court in Pflugerville, TX serving up gourmet cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other classic desserts. Customers can now stop by and pickup single serving options and more from Suga's new location. 

 Stay tuned for more offerings from Suga's Cakery!!

Why us?

Suga's Cakery does classic flavors and we do them well. Our desserts are made from scratch using the finest, premium ingredients with you in mind. Gluten-sensitive, vegan, sugar-sensitive, egg-less and non-dairy options available.

In the Media

This engineer-turned-baker is raising money to honor her late grandma’s legacy

By: Emerald Pellot, In The Know

This electrical and computer engineer is honoring her grandmother Suga’s legacy by expanding a bakery made in her name.

Patricia Bedford worked as an engineer for over a decade, but after Suga passed away she started to bake more. Now she is the proud owner of Suga’s Cakery in Pflugerville, Texas.

Growing up Suga baked all of the family’s cakes and treats. After her passing, Bedford started to take cake decorating classes to help manage her grief. While Bedford never imagined she’d be in the dessert business after spending so long completing her engineering degree, she discovered that she actually loves the craft. It was two years of perfecting her skills before Bedford launched Suga’s Cakery. 

                 -Read More HERE

Suga's Cupcakery

By: Eric Coleman, Professional Photographer

Patricia over at Suga’s Cakery decided to enter her business in a pitch contest. The Cakery, based in Pflugerville Tx, serves gluten free and vegan cupcakes at a lot of the local farmers markets, but also has “regular” cupcakes for the regular folks. The thing is you can hardly tell the difference between them. CRAZY! I KNOW RIGHT ?!! She also does custom decorated cakes as well. We sat down and discussed her business to come up with road map for her brand and marketing and it all starts with her why. Because there are so many people with strict dietary needs, Patricia found her why:

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ATX Cake Boss: Patricia Bedford

By Raisa Nicole Tillis

Every party needs a little Suga' to liven it up and that's exactly what Patricia Bedford, owner of Suga's Cakery provides. Her slogan is quoted from Julia Childs, "A party without a cake is just a meeting," and let's be honest, we'd all prefer a party to a meeting.

Suga's Cakery specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops. The cakery is a fairly new addition to Austin, but Bedford has been baking since 2010 when she enrolled in her first cake baking class. Bedford has been serving up treats since then and last October she officially got the business off the ground. To take her business to the next level Austin's very own cake boss created business cards, a website and applied for a DBA. - Read more HERE

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